Streetwear View



OneMethod (A Division of Bensimon Byrne)
w: onemethod.com

Company: OneMethod (A Division of Bensimon Byrne) Chief Creative Officer: Amin Todai Creative Direction: Steve Miller Associate Creative Director: Max Sawka Graphic Designer: Matt Jumper Copywriting: Dario Petruzzi Project Manager: Natasha Gomes Project Coordination: Justin Rattray Public Relations: Laura Serra, Stefania Yarhi Video Editor: Tim Pienta

Streetwear View is the first fashion lookbook embedded within Google Maps. It was designed to introduce new ONEMETH clothing in a way that stood out from all the familiar fashion lookbooks. So we hacked Google, creating an interactive lookbook harnessing Street View, placing clothing items on models within Google Maps and providing an experimental yet accessible use of augmented reality. It cost nearly nothing, received global coverage, and somehow now Justin Bieber wears the clothing.