Motion - Series



GREY Client: The Salvation Army Chief Creative Officer: Patrick Scissons Creative Direction: James Ansley Art Direction: Yusong Zhang Writer: James Ansley Agency Producer: Sam Benson Account Director: Stephanie Nerlich, Jennifer Kinrys Agency Planner: Malcolm McLean Production Company: Nexus Productions Director: Johnny Kelly Producer: Isobel Conroy Project Lead: Mark Davies Production Manager: Zoe Verrier-Stunt, Fernanda Garcia Lopez Director of Photography: Matthew Day Stop Frame Animator: Matthew Cooper, Gary Cureton Art Direction: Andy Gent Clean Up / Grade: Time-Based Arts Compositing: Rob Ward, Alasdair Brotherston Sound Design: Fonic, Barnaby Templar

Every Christmas Salvation Army kettles appear on streets and in malls across Canada soliciting donations that will provide food, shelter and clothing to the less fortunate. To demonstrate the transforming power that a donation to a kettle has, we created three simple animations where a single dollar drastically changes someone’s circumstances for the better.