6 Billion Hours

Online Campaign



Company: GREY Chief Creative Officer: Patrick Scissons Creative Direction: James Ansley Art Direction: Rob Trickey Copywriting: Dave Barber Producer: Erica Metcalfe, Eugene Marchio Account Service: Mariam Saab, Paul Curtin Production Specialist: Biko Franklin Account Service (HAVAS): Kirk Kavell Director of Programmatic (HAVAS): Mark-Olivier Thibault Production Company: Sugino Studio Director: Shin Sugino DOP: James Gardner Executive Producer: Andy McLeod Line Producer: Dan Arki Post Production Company: Saints, Alter Ego, Topix VFX Editor: Melanie Hider Colourist: Eric Whipp Flame Artist: Marco Polsinelli Audio: Apollo Music Sound Director: Daenen Bramberger Audio House Producer: Tom Hutch Sound Engineer: Spencer Hall

Instead of one standard pre-roll ad, we set out to hyperlink each and every one of XC60’s new features to 6 billion hours of YouTube content; creating a different Volvo pre-roll ad for every different YouTube video you watched. The more you watched, the more you learned about XC60, the more you wanted to drive one.