High School Design


Min Seung Kim, Lawrenceville, NJ
Program: Orange Cube Art
School: The Lawrenceville School

Herbarium is a scent packaging that can control a personal mood. According to the studies, human memories and feelings have been related to smell. As a part of personal care, finding a sense of smell, or scent that fits you, has a great effect on improving quality of life and building good memories that can be part of you live. The purpose of this package is to focus on how to convey the abstract concept of 'scent' to the users, which is part of Personal Care, and how to say their stories behind. Herbarium consists of four different types of aroma oils that can greatly divide a person's mood into four and improve each feeling. By using the packaging of my own personal laboratory design, users can make their own scents anytime, anywhere, using their own lab, and create the mood they want.