Jewels of the Sea

Design Other - Series


Maximilian Seeger, Wurzburg, Germany
e: hi@maxseeger.de
w: maxseeger.de

Program: Information Design
School: University of Applied Science Würzburg-Schweinfurt

Instructors: Erich Schöls, Marcus Kaiser Scientific Advisor: Matthias Burba

Winning Website: maxseeger.de/jewels-of-the-sea

Every fourth breath we take is sponsored by diatoms, these photosynthetic unicellular organisms produce about one-fourth of the world's oxygen. Biologists and artists have become enthusiastic about the diverse geometric forms of these glassy unicellular organisms. This work shows an approach to generatively create digital diatom models based on real diatoms using deep-learning-based image detection. All digital diatoms are generated and rendered in real-time in 4k.