Misanthrope Brewing Co.

Packaging Design - Series


Angel West, Kitchener, ON
e: angelwestdesign@outlook.com
w: angelwestdesign.com

Program: Graphic Design Advanced Diploma
School: Conestoga College

Instructors: John Baljkas, Ian Greener

Winning Website: angelwestdesign.com/misanthrope-beer

Misanthrope Brewing Company — an ethical and ecological driven craft brewery. This new brand identity and series of craft beer can designs are driven toward a younger and more lively bunch; men and women aged 20-35. Misanthrope Brew Co. offers a variety of beers to accommodate a range of interests. The designs bring a vibrant, youthful and forward thinking feel to the shelves, and invokes curiosity through its use of illustration, and vibrant colours.