Promotional Design - Series


Li-Yue Chiang, Hsian-Lin Cheng, Ji-Wei Lin, Yen-Tsen Chen, Taipei City, Taiwan
e: vlggo624@gmail.com

Program: Visual Communication Design
School: China University of Technology

Instructors: Cheng-Ta Lee, Chien-Hsun Chen

Winning Website: behance.net/gallery/141191009/nanfangao

Located in the Su'ao Township of southeastern Taiwan, Nanfang'ao embodies a century of cultural legacy. Nicknamed the “mackerel’s hometown”, Nafang’ao is the best place to catch mackerel in Taiwan. This design integrates cultural values from the fishing industry’s ecology to reconstruct local characteristics, giving the brand an innovative image. The brand’s products and promotional literature are decorated with illustrations and visual styles from classic cultural stories. By depicting the unique landscape of the century-old fishing village, this design builds a brand image and cultural legacy with the local history spanning centuries.