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Baillat Cardell & Fils
t: 514-750-6600
e: info@baillatcardell.com
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Creative Direction: Jean Sébastien Baillat, Guillaume Cardell Design: Jean Sébastien Baillat, Catherine D'Amours, Lea Behr, Vincent Raineri, Arthur Maserati, Mélanie Martin Flash Programming: Daniel Iregui Programming: Daniel Iregui Music/Sound: Jean Sébastien Roux Project Coordination: Marie Ève Méthot Digital Agency: Baillat Cardell & Fils, Iregular Art Direction: Jean Sébastien Baillat Conception: Jean Sébastien Baillat, Guillaume Cardell, Daniel Iregui Design: Guillaume Cardell

Winning Website: mutek.org/play

Play is an experimental website that allows users to create audio-visual compositions while exploring the different flavours of the MUTEK 2011 International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music in Montréal. More than eighty animated tiles, each with an original track, will have you jamming for longer than you expect.