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Company: BBDO Executive Creative Direction: Todd Mackie, Denise Rossetto, Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno Copywriter: Rana Chatterjee Art Direction: Jeff Cheung Agency Producer: Terry Kavanagh Account Manager: Tim Welsh Account Director: Rebecca Flaman Account Supervisor: Jaya Rizzi Production Company: Suneeva Producer: Robbie McNamara Director: Shelley Lewis Cinematographer: Stuart Campbell Editorial House: Saints Editorial Music/Sound: RMW Music VFX: The Vanity Post Production Company: Alter Ego

Public perception is that the rules are bent to accommodate para athletes. During our research, we discovered that the opposite was true. There is no difference between the races that the able-bodied and para athletes compete in. They are equal parts gruelling and unforgiving in both length and intensity. So if training for a cycling event of this magnitude is tough, training for the same event with no legs is even tougher.