There's nothing, there's a tree/Tree root system & Rock forms/Water & Log

Complete Book Photography - Series


Anchorage Press
t: 506-536-2664

Photography: Thaddeus Holownia Art Direction: Robert Tombs Design: Thaddeus Holownia, Robert Tombs Copywriting: Peter Sanger Project Coordination: Hemlock Printers, Petra Robinson Print Production: Hemlock Printers Poetry: Peter Sanger Artist Rep: Corkin Shopland Gallery Publisher: Anchorage Press

Arborealis, a limited edition book, is a collaboration between photographer Thaddeus Holownia and poet Peter Sanger. A tribute, in images and words, to the landscape of northwestern Newfoundland, the authors imagine this landscape anew as a place where rock, water, wood, and sky trace the passage of geological and human time.