TV Dinner Party

Craft - Cinematography - Single


DDB Canada

Company: DDB Canada Chief Creative Officer: Cosmo Campbell Executive Creative Director: Paul Wallace, Marketa Krivy Copywriter: Alex Manahan Art Director: George Lin Director of Production: Pat Elia Agency Producer: Stefan Fabich, David Smith VP, Client Services Director: Jacqui Faclier Group Account Director: Mike Wiles Senior Account Executive: Marci Mancinelli Account Coordinator: Cassia Napier Strategy: Brett McDonald, Sandra Moretti, Tony Johnstone Production Company: OPC TV Director: Matt Devine Director of Photography: Adam Marsden Production Designer: Jay Pooley Line Producer: Ian Webb Post-Production Company: Rooster Post Production Editor: Izzy Erlich Audio House: VaporRMW Audio Producer: Kailee Nowosad Creative Director: Brendan Quinn Casting Agency: Jigsaw Casting Actor: Georgia Chase, Paul De La Rosa, Jacob Boose, Jane Miller, Tara Yelland, Daniel Falk, Lawrence Cotton Visual Effects: The Vanity Media Agency: Initiative Copywriter: Manahan

A tableau of an extravagant dinner party frozen in time. The only things that move are the tears that stream down the guests’ faces, and the dripping drool of an excited Basset Hound. At the end, we see that a piping-hot cheese fondue has been spilled over the host’s lap. Tears run down his face. We hear the VO: If it’s made with Canadian Milk, it’s worth crying over.