Ninth Letter Literary

Student Design (editorial) - Single/Series


University of Illinois
t: 217-333-0855

Students: Aditya Bhargava, Patrick Doran, Angela Egan, Fabiola Elias, Daniel Goscha, Mark Hauge, Joohyun Kang, Katelyn Kappel, Jennifer Mahanay, Jeff Merrick, Kacey Morrow, Katie Quinn, Annette Rotz, Nikita Sorokin School: University Of Illinois At Urbana Champaign School Of Art Design Program: Graphic Design Editor: Jodee Stanley Instructors: Nan Goggin, Jennifer Gunji, Joseph Squier

The objective of the Ninth Letter is to affirm learned and aesthetic traditions and to be mission-driven to publish high-quality literary arts. It is hoped that through design we illuminate themes that are not obvious at first glance, giving our readers opportunities to contemplate writing and art in new ways.