30,000 Is The Loneliest Number

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Company: The&Partnership Executive Creative Director: Ron Smrczek Associate Creative Director: Nabil Rachid Senior Art Director: Jennifer Saunders Agency Producer: Kasia Zeniuk Account Manager: Lindsay Di Tolla Production Company: Heyd & Seek Executive Producer: Cynthia Heyd, Kegan Sant, Laurie Kerr-Jones Producer: Ben Robinson, Vinny Gill, Pallavi Joshi-Firby, Maggie Blouin-Pearl Director: Jesse Blight, Vanya Drakul Post-Production Company: RedLab Colourist: Jason Zukowski Online Artist: Andy Hunter Sound Production: Pirate Arrangement: Ari Posner Mix Engineer: Ian Boddy Choir: East End Music Project

Most people believe Canada is one the best places for children to grow up. The truth is, over 30,000 foster kids in Canada are waiting for permanent homes. We developed a spot that brought this devastating statistic to life.