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Zulu Alpha Kilo
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Creative Direction: Zak Mroueh Sound Studio: Pirate Radio Editor: Steve Parker Account Executive: Carson Marks Interactive Design: Adam Brandejs Account Executive: Barry Teplicky Design: Grant Cleland, Erick Nielsen Art Direction: Mark Francolini Copywriting: Joseph Bonnici Creative Direction: Joseph Bonnici Sound Design: Chris Tait Director of Photography: Philip Maglieri Interactive Design: Drew Cox Ad Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo

This year we took our holiday gift budget and created the interactive Singing Zuligans Holiday Card. Clients could click on any Zuligan and get their off key rendition of a Christmas carol. Our goal: Feed 4000 people if we reached 4000 listens. It only took one day. So we decided to keep giving. We doubled our contribution to 8000 meals if we hit 25 000 listens. This was reached in a few more days.