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Creative Direction: Ian Grais, Chris Staples, Dre Labre Art Direction: Carson Ting, Dre Labre Copywriting: Justin Li Interactive Producer: Kelly Brix, Ann Rubenstein Development: Matt Gomes, Nascent Digital Design: Rory O'Sullivan Typographer: Tom Pettapiece, Jonathon Cesar Account Manager: Patsy Gannon Agency: Rethink Canada

Winning Website: youtube.com/watch?v=pywKPEjo80k&feature=player_embedded

The Realizer is a tool that lets you easily create presentation prototypes of iPhone andiPad apps. By creating an account at www.realizerapp.com, users can upload screenmockups, add buttons that will mimic their apps’ usability and functionality, and use theirnewly created app prototype on their own iPhone or iPad using the Realizer app. So noweverybody can better present app ideas to people with an interactive user experience.Best of all, it’s free.