Brands of Santa



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Company: KBS Toronto Executive Creative Direction: Ian Mackenzie Chief Creative Officer: Matt Hassell Illustration: Sharif Tarabay Associate Creative Director: Jon Lane Copywriting: Warren Haas, Robin Porter Music/Sound: TA2 Development: Carlo Alducente Producer: Brenda Surminski Social Stragey: Lisa Pratt Content Coordinator: Geoff Jones Production Company: OPC Director: Jon + Torey Post Production Company: School Editing, Alter Ego Editor: Ryan Hunt Color: Conor Fisher

Winning Website: brandsofsanta.com

A classic cola brand popularized Santa's look. But what if other brands had gotten there first? That’s the question at the heart of this seasonal self-promo. To answer it, we created 12 new versions of Santa. Each inspired by a different brand, and each is made in the style of the iconic Santa illustrations from the 1920s and 30s. But as it turned out . . . our illustrator has problem with Santa. http://www.thisisthework.ca/brandsofsanta/