We are Dashboard. We rebranded.



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Art Direction: Chris Obergfell Creative Direction: Catherine Baird, Julie Stolberg Illustration: Steph Davidson Account Supervisor: Pamela Teh Development: David Blonski, Anthony Sapp Account Director: Gayle Lunn Technical Director: Ralph Reefke Chief Visionary Officer: Barry Hillier President: Daryl Aitken Copywriting: Julie Stolberg Art Direction: Chad Buchner, Danica Enns Development: Ted Sczelecki Consumer Engagement Planner: Adam Brain Ad Agency: Dashboard Communications

Winning Website: dashboard.ca

We are Dashboard. An agency of strategists, big thinkers, meticulous creators and digital explorers. To mark our 10th anniversary we launched our new brand. Over the years we have grown in caliber, in actual size, and recently we’ve taken over a new floor in our building. To celebrate these changes we not only created a new look and feel but we also redecorated.