Craft-Cinematography - Single


Innocean Worldwide Canada, Inc.
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Executive Creative Direction: Gary Westgate Ad Agency: Innocean Worldwide Canada Inc. Creative Direction: Gary Westgate, Nelson Quintal, Simon Duffy Copywriting: Gary Watson Agency Producer: Alina Prussky Production House: Steam Films Inc. Director: Benjamin Weinstein Production House Producer: Jason Manz Executive Producer: Krista Marshall, Jennifer Syces Cinematographer: Amir Mokri Editing: Brian Wells Post Production Company: School Editing Music Producer: RMW Music Sound Design: Steven MacKinnon, Ted Rosnick Account Director: Dan Buckley, Shannon Beaver Agency Planner: Paul Kron Media Agency: Innocean Worldwide Canada, Inc. Media Agency Planner: Spiro Paravantes

We created a 60-second epic Super-Bowl spot called “Gaspocalypse” for the Sonata Hybrid. The commercial tips its hat to the post-apocalyptic film genre with a surprise ending that pulls the rug out from underneath the viewer.This isn’t just a message about fuel-efficiency which is the obvious reason to choose a hybrid. This commercial also speaks to the performance and styling that Hyundai cars are being noted for and appreciated by journalists and consumers alike.