Spirit Tree

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DDB Canada/Tribal Toronto
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Ad Agency: DDB Canada/Tribal Toronto Creative Direction: Louis-Philippe Tremblay Associate Creative Director: Mara Binudin, Ryan Lawrence Copywriting: Ryan Lawrence Art Direction: Mara Binudin Technical Director: Joe Dee Agency Producer: Luc Quartarone Director of Production: Catherine Kim Managing Director: Andrew McCartney Account Team: Kaezad Nalleseth Design: Roger Dario Social Media Director: Ed Lee Senior Consultant: Greg Vallentin Community Cultivation Manager: Laura Muirhead Development: Paul Sham, Dana Brousseau, Rob Etmanski Media Company: Mediacom Development: Igniter, Moment Factory Production Company: IMA Outdoor Installation: Cube Productions, Keystone Studios Other: Textopoly PR Agency: High Road Communications

The first Christmas tree powered by online Christmas spirit.Using social media monitoring and proprietary lighting software, we transformed Christmas messages shared across social properties like Facebook and Twitter into data that was visualized as different colours and intensities of lights on the tree. What’s more, viewers were invited to share their Christmas messages via Facebook and Twitter to see one of eight special light sequences magically light up the tree right before their eyes.