A Personal Apology (just for you)

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Creative Direction: Steph Mackie, Mark Biernacki Agency Producer: Liz Walker Art Direction: JP Gravina Copywriting: Simon Craig Account Director: Amanda Gaspard Ad Agency: Lowe Roche Project Manager: Kevin Quan Technical Director: Nery Orellana Music/Sound: Keen Music & Sound Production Company: The Garden Executive Producer: Bruce Dawson

Winning Website: obtampons.ca/apology

o.b. tampons are one of the few applicator-less tampons on the market, and its users are fiercely loyal. But after a distribution problem in 2010, the product disappeared from North American shelves. We needed to apologize, and we began with the 65,010 women on the o.b. database. Knowing that the target had a very personal connection with the product, we designed an equally personal apology.