Day of the Dead

Craft - Animation - Series


Grey Canada

Company: Grey Canada Client: El Jimador Executive Creative Director: James Ansley, Joel Arbez Writer: Sara Radovanovich Art Director: Perle Arteta Agency Producer: Erica Metcalfe Production Company: BENT Image Lab Director: Rob Shaw Executive Producer: Anthony Greene, Bridget Flynn Line Producer: Robert D'Esposito Director of Photography: Mark Eifert Editor: Brent Heise, Molly Preston, Ben Mercer Colourist: Dan Kim Audio House: Grayson Matthews Creative Director: Ryan Kondrat, John La Magna

Using stop-motion-animation, we brought traditional Day of the Dead skeletons and human-characters to life. In a series of tongue-in-cheek videos and social posts, we got the living - and the dead - excited to party with el Jimador on Day of the Dead.