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Executive Creative Direction: Jeff McLean Art Direction: Nicola Pringle Copywriting: Pierre Chan Digital Strategist: Adam Rozenhart Senior Account Executive: Alysia Lambertus Account Coordinator: Kayla Panizzon Senior Consultant: Frank Calder Production Manager: Dave Falconer Development: Burnkit Ad Agency: Calder Bateman Communications

Winning Website: nohomophobes.com

This project holds up a social mirror to show how frequently and casually today's youth uses homophobic language. Using Twitter's API, tweets featuring "so gay," "no homo," "faggot" and "dyke" were pulled, tracked and displayed in real time on nohomophobes.com. These provocative words accompanied by only a QR code appeared on washroom posters, wild postings, interior transit cards and an interactive mural which, when scanned, lead people to the site.