Toronto Maple Leafs “Stand Witness”

Craft - Editing - Single


Sid Lee

Company: Sid Lee Executive Creative Director: Jeffrey Da Silva, Tom Koukodimos Copywriter: Austen Morrow Designer: Alex Boland Account Director: Jared Stein, Kiara Wilson Account Manager: Jason Dunphy Production Company: Sid Lee Studip, Revolver Films Producer: Jac Benoit Director: Ian Pons Jewell Post-Production: Married to Giants, Wingman VFX, The Mill, Chicago Editor: Graham Chisholm Audio House: Pirate Group Inc.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a storied past with many victories—but no championship since 1967—creating the most frustrated fan base in the league. Every Leafs fan dreams of witnessing a championship in their lifetime. So we told the story of the Leafs through a parable of a fan in Toronto who had seen the glory days with his own eyes, yet still longs to witness the possibilities of an unwritten future.