Merry Under the Mistletoe

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TAXI Toronto
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Executive Creative Direction: Jordan Doucette Creative Direction: Stephen Bennett Art Direction: Christian Steffan Copywriting: Sebastian Lyman Design: Christian Steffan Agency Producer: Steve Emmens Development: Brian Ayzerman Interactive Producer: Nadia Walji Project Manager: Nadia Walji Technical Lead: Ben Feist Account Director: Darren O'Donoghue Account Manager: Shazeen Pirani Ad Agency: TAXI Toronto

TELUS wanted to thank their Facebook fans by doing something special during the holidays. During live events over three days, they invited their fans to call phones they could see via live webcam feed on Facebook. When a surprised shopper answered, both the shopper and the fan that called won prizes for connecting under the mistletoe. These connections bridged Facebook fans with real shoppers, while giving thousands of others online a shared, thrilling experience.