Mia & Morton

Craft - Music - Single


DDB Canada

Company: DDB Canada Chief Creative Officer: Cosmo Campbell Executive Creative Director: Paul Wallace Copywriter: Evan Wallis Art Director: Dean Hamann, Paul Kim Agency Producer: Julia Morris Account Director: Nicole Lupke, Heather Moffat Group Account Director: Jenni Cowdy Account Executive: Cassia Napier VP, Client Services Director: Jacqui Faclier Director or Strategy: Brett McDonald Lead Designer: Duncan Collis Technical Director: Justin MacLeod User Experienc: Jordan Kentris Developer: Tyson Yau Production Company: Gentleman Scholar Production Company Director: William Campbell, Will Johnson Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek Senior Producer: Tyler Locke CG Supervisor: Tim Hayward Storyboard: Brian Deloach Design: Paul Kim, Hana Yean Additional Design: George Fuentes, James Levy Character Modeling: Hannah Josepher Modeling: Mike Ko, Robin Kim, Mike Dupree, Paul Kim Texture: Mike Ko, Michael Rogers, Paul Kim 3D Generalist: Juan Carlos Cuadra, Jacques Clement, Gaby Gorostieta, Ryan Kaplan Character Animation: James Lane, Kevin Phelps, Evan Mayfield Rigging: Lee Wolland, Tim Hayward Hair/Fur: Adnan Hussain Cloth Simulation: Tim Hayward Lighting: Hao Cui, Chris Fung, Robin Kim Compositor: Lavoy, Kevin Njoo 2D Animation: Lauren Tom Audio House: Grayson Matthews Audio House Producer: Kelly McCluskey Post-Production Company: Redlab Digital PR Director: Gabrielle Totesau Social Media Director: Zak Usher Senior Cultivator: Andrew Panturescu Media Agency: Initiative Director, Communications Design: Tracey Johnson

The story of Mia & Morton is told without words, so it was important that the music augment the emotions present on screen. In addition to being scored to the unique emotional ebb and flow of the piece, the words to “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac capture the message of the film—one of creativity, craft, and forward thinking—and act as a monologue representing what the characters are thinking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aas70lfybEQ