Rabbit Hole & The Future is Electric

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Ad Agency: Rethink Client: Ontario Ministry of Finance Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman, Mike Dubrick Chief Strategy Officer: Sean McDonald Creative Director: Gary Watson Associate Creative Director: Jason Kerr, Marko Pandza Art Director: Jason Kerr Writer: Marko Pandza Broadcast Producer: Maggie Kelly Production Company: Merchant Director: The Perlorian Brothers Director of Photography: Jordan Oram Line Producer: Andrew Sulliman Post-Production Company: Saints Editorial Post-Production Company: Tantrum Editor: Mark Paiva Audio House: Vapor Music Audio Producer: Kailee Nowosad Audio Director: Ted Rosnick Account Services: Nadia Nauth, Erica Francis, Olivia Yang, Rob Dix Client: Ryan Huber, Jennifer Mitches, Kirsten Evans

Winning Entry: vimeo.com/864931433/82446ec52b

Rabbit Hole —When faced with a medical question or concern, people often turn to Google. That can lead them down an Internet rabbit hole, leaving them with more questions, worries, and even ailments than they started with. The Ontario government wanted to help people stop searching, and start connecting to under-utilized care options within the healthcare system. So we sent a character with one of the most commonly Googled ailments straight down the Internet rabbit hole. The Future is Electric —The Ontario government was making a historic investment into the economy that would make it a global leader in EV battery production. People weren’t feeling the buzz, but mostly because they hadn’t heard the news (and because the economy is boring). We needed to get the province excited, so we did it by showing an Ontario full of people that have literally been electrified by the news of our EV powered economic future.