Cottonelle - Strokable Banners

Online Banner Ad - Series


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Company: Ogilvy Chief Creative Officer: Brian Murray Copywriter: Max OssRech, Pam Danowski Creative Group Head: Joe Morris Art Director: Amy Fernandes Account Manager: Aviva Groll Account Supervisor: Samantha Weisbarth Planning Director: Michelle Lee Strategist: Robyn Hutman Video Producer: Eric Thompson Media Agency: Alexia Gonsalves, Alana Karelson, Michaela Ryan, Fatima Ibrahim, Katherine Upton Client: Therese Brisson, Mitch Faigan, Stephanie Zhuang, Ali Ruffo Media Vendor: Apex Mobile

Winning Entry:

To get people using Cottonelle Cleansing Cloths to clean before and after sex, we created Cottonelle Strokable Banners. The mobile ad units were geofenced to target only those attending Pride events. The banners used the accelerometer and touchscreen features of smartphones to create a fun and engaging experience, inviting the users to interact with the banner in unexpected ways by stroking an eggplant or rubbing a pussycat emoji to get a coupon for the product.