SickKids VS. Be A Light

Pro Bono Video - Single


Cossette Communication, Toronto, ON

Global Chief Creative Officer: Peter Ignazi Executive Creative Director: Jaimes Zentil, Craig McIntosh Associate Creative Director: Jon Taylor, Andrea Romanelli Copywriter: Jon Taylor, Roya Hakami Creative Director: Valentine Ho, Mario Cesareo Art Director: Andrea Romanelli, Adil Abdel-Gabar VP, Business Lead: Tyler Robson Group Business Director: Daria Lysenko Business Director: Valerie Mascarin Account Coordinator: Diana Qian Chief Strategy Officer: Cat Wiles VP, Strategy: Denika Angelone Sr. Strategist: Bella Iannetta Sr. Production Director: Dawn-Marie Mills Sr. Retoucher: Trevor Gauthier, Thomas Dagg Sr. Production Artist: Shireen Kok Agency Producer: Caroline Wrinch Media Agency: OMD Production House: Scouts Honour Editing House: Outsider Editorial Colour/Transfer Facility: Alter Ego VFX & Online Facility: The Vanity Music: Rajakovic Electric Client: SickKids Foundation

When a dark cloud, representing childhood illness, descends upon the city, SickKids patients, doctors, nurses & everyday Torontonians muster all the light they can to beat it back. The insight for the film came directly from real SickKids families. Many described childhood illness as a dark cloud that infiltrates their lives. It's both terrifying and elusive. Given the context of COVID-19, viewers couldn't help but relate. Ultimately, the film acts as a rallying cry for all of us to come together.