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Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto/Vancouver/New York

Creative Chairman: Zak Mroueh Chief Creative Officer: Tim Gordon Executive Creative Director: Casey Rand Creative Director: Rachel Goss, Vic Bath, Ross Wolinsky, Dan Cummings Art Director: Rachel Goss, Vic Bath, Michael Romaniuk, Ivan Mallqui Copywriter: Ross Wolinsky, Dan Cummings, Marco Buchar, Greg Kieltyka Associate Creative Director: Marco Buchar, Greg Kieltyka, Michael Romaniuk, Ivan Mallqui Account Team: Christine McNab, Meghan Mullen, Caroline Engram, Erika Dafoe, Amanda Wong Strategy Director: Heather Segal, Sean Bell, Cameron Fleming, Shanaugh Farrelly Client: Booking.com; Glenn Fogel, Arjan Dijk, Natalie Wills, Ben Harrell, Diana Agudelo Hernandez, Ali Ronca, Ian Kennelly, Andrew Slough, Cam Beaumord, Nick Thiel, Giuliana Latte, Wei Lun Wang, Ina Balabanska, Johannes “Yordi” Tromp, Leslie Cafferty, Angela Cavis, Laura Kaye, Eséte Workneh, Beniam Gebeyehu Production Company: Arts & Sciences Managing Producer/Executive Producer: Marc Marrie Managing Director/Executive Producer: Mal Ward Head of Production: Milena Milicevic, Director: Alex Prager Director of Photography: Matthew Libatique 1st Ad: Michael Salven Production Designer: Florencia Martin Producer: Terri Shafirov Production Manager: Andrea Tello Editing Company: Arcade Edit Editor: Geoff Hounsell Assistant Editor: Dean Miyahira, Mitch Mitchell Executive Producer: Crissy DeSimone Head of Production: Megan Dahlman Senior Producer: Alexa Berman Sound Production: Wave Studios Partner, ECD, Sound Designer & Mixer: Aaron Reynolds Sound Designer: Isaac Matus Executive Producer: Vicky Ferraro Music/Sound: Barking Owl Sound Music Composer: Drew Gasparini, Jacob Plasse Executive Producer: Ashley Benton Creative Director: Kelly Bayett

Melissa McCarthy, inspired by all the options on Booking.com, gets swept away on a whirlwind musical tour of vacation rentals, hotels, and wigs galore. Although most travel advertising is focused on aspirational locations, we decided to elevate the booking experience itself. Filmed both on-location and at the CGI Volume Stage (which The Mandalorian kept warm for Melissa), and backed by a 33-piece orchestra, this piece showed the world that Booking is half the fun.