Charlie Bit My Finger

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Executive Creative Direction: Doug Robinson Creative Direction: Ian Schwey Associate Creative Direction: Jason Buback Art Direction: Mike Jones Copywriting: Cameron Hudson Account Manager: Christopher Hirst, Tom Stephenson Director: Jeff Chan Production Company: Frank Content Executive Producer: Michael Schwartz Post Production Company: Stealing Time Editor: Paul Skinner Music/Sound: Eggplant Collective Director: Sammy Ray Welch Production Company: Sparks Production Executive Producer: Andy Crosbie Editor: Sammy Ray Welch Music/Sound: Fish Fry Director: Lewis Production Company: Suneeva Executive Producer: Geoff Cornish Post Production Company: Relish Editor: Alison Gordon Music/Sound: RMW Executive Producer: Ted Rosnick Composer: Brendan Canning Agency: doug & serge

Winning Website: projects.spotfrank.com/wsffcamp/

It’s difficult to convince people to pay to attend the Worldwide Short Film Festival when they can be entertained for free at home with countless online videos. We concluded that ‘anyone can upload but few can direct.’ We took the world’s most popular viral video, Charlie Bit My Finger, and asked three short film directors to re-imagine it in different genres: a zombie horror, a musical and a dark comedy. ‘The Horror’ instantly went viral.