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Ad Agency: DDB Canada Executive Creative Direction: Cosmo Campbell, Dean Lee Creative Direction: Josh Fehr Associate Creative Director: Murray Falconer Copywriting: Geoff Vreeken Account Director: Devin Gallaher Account Supervisor: Amanda Waye Agency Producer: Zara Thomas, Bonnie Chung, Alicia Katz Strategist: Rob Newell Technical Director: Justin MacLeod Development: Rachel Yoon, Tyson Yau Information Architect: Kristy Streefkerk Film Production: Transmission Rube Goldberg Production: Scenic Oasis

Winning Website: powersmart.awards12.trbv.com

Each October, British Columbia’s electricity provider asks residents to waste less energy. Our challenge is often a question of promoting this energy-saving movement, while not using energy to promote it. This year we went analogue, and built (then filmed) a 100-ft. long, interactive Rube Goldberg machine that integrated seamlessly with a contest.