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Over 30 Seconds - Single


Cindy Wadden (Target)
t: 709-739-8400
e: info@targetmarketing.ca
w: targetmarketing.ca

Company: Target Creative Director: Tom Murphy Creative Group Head: Kevan Kalyan Copywriters: Jordan Finlayson, Randy Diplock Strategic Planner: Noel O'Dea Production Manager: Cindy Wadden Account Director: Ernie Brake Account Manager: Allison Daley Media Manager: Kelly Reddigan Agency Producer: Heikki Kuld Drone Footage: Dru Kennedy Photography, CLOUDBREAKER Production Company: SPARKS PRODUCTIONS INCORPORATED Director: Paul Santana Music Producer: Eric Harry Recording Engineer: KEVIN MACKENZIE Film Editor: Drew MacLeod Colourist: Alter Ego

Winning Entry: dropbox.com/s/9ybea12x5ibkn4i/NLT2481-01-17-60T_Conductor.mp4?dl=0

As seen through the eyes of a child, Conductor is a story about the most unexpected of journeys. Along the way, we see, hear, and experience how sound can come to life in NL – an open-air concert hall equipped with unlimited seating, great acoustics, and a myriad of performers and instruments. To discover their own melody in NL, travellers need only listen.