Forge, Grape, Smoking

PSA/Charity (any length) - Series


DDB Canada

Ad Agency: DDB Canada Executive Creative Direction: Cosmo Campbell, Dean Lee Associate Creative Direction: Daryl Gardiner Copywriting: Amina Halim, Daryl Gardiner Art Direction: Daryl Gardiner, Lisa Chen-Wing Account Supervisor: Lisa Chen-Wing Agency Producer: Sue Bell Film Company: Family Style Director: Jon + Torey Cinematographer: Mick Reynolds Line Producer: Liz Dussault, Dennis Beier Post Production Facility: JMB Post Editor: Daniel Pruger Online Editor: Randy Egan Audio House: GGRP Audio House Producer: Peter Clarke Audio House Engineer: James Spooner Casting: Steve Mann, Mann Casting Colourist: Randy Egan

A little girl asks an adult mentor, a Big Sister, a question. The mentor responds with some wise advice. The entire commercial only lasts seven seconds, proving that being a Big Sister takes a lot less time than people think.