The Troll

Video, Over 30s - Single


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Ad Agency: Rethink Client: IKEA Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman, Mike Dubrick Chief Strategy Officer: Sean McDonald Creative Director: Caroline Friesen, Robbie Percy Writer: Robbie Percy Art Director: Caroline Friesen Strategy Director: Jay Fleming Group Account Director: Kiara Wilson Account Director: Megan Christopher, Catherine Blouin-Mainville, Tracey Cronin Account Supervisor: Erica Francis Director of Broadcast Production: Shelby Spigelman, Nadya MacNeil Producer: Andrew Schulze, Chantel Brinkman Integrated Producer: Jessica Luong, Terri Winter Production Company: OPC Production Company: Division Films Director: Nick Ball Producer: Harland Weiss, Max Brook Director of Photography: Daniel Voldheim Production Designer: Marco Puig Interior Design: Donna Irvine Post-Production Company: Nimiopere Editor: Graham Chisholm Executive Producer: Julie Axell Post-Production Company: House of Parliament Producer: Lexi Stearn, Emma Hertz VFX Supervisor: Peter Smith Colourist: Alex Bickel Post-Production Company: Color Collective Executive Producer: Claudia Guevara Audio House: Vapor Music Music Director: Ted Rosnick Audio Producer: Kat Stewart Photography Company: Photoby Photography Company: Wunderkamera Photographer: Ernest Winczyk Executive Producer: Krzysztof Wiecek 360 Studio: Justin Chan, Stephanie Sherwood, Brad Kumar Troll Builder: Martin Pec Troll Design: Aaron McBride Integrated Production Consultant: William Cranor Associate Creative Director: Karine Doucet Broadcast Producer: Annick D’Auteuil Account Manager: Gabrielle Bergeron PR Lead: Meredith Montgomery Editorial Lead: Lianne George Media Agency: Carat Vice President: Karen Hrstic Media Supervisor: Christine Ma Digital Manager: Kevin Martins Senior Digital Planner: Sherlaine Verdes Client: Johanna Andrén, Claudia Mayne, Jacqueline Wark, Nadia Kassam, Lindsay Marsh, Marissa Fischer, Lisa Huie

Winning Entry: vimeo.com/864862518/cca740bbab

In this film, we tell the mythical story of a troll who works as a toll booth collector and lives under a dark, damp bridge. When a young boy takes an interest in the troll and offers an IKEA lamp to brighten up his living space, things begin to change. Together, they transform the space into a bright and cozy home. In the end, it's more than the Troll's home that's improved, as we see him go from a sad lonely troll to a happy one. And as the boy and the troll enjoy the comfortable space.