This Job Can Break You

Video, Over 30s - Single


Cossette Communication, Toronto, ON

Global Chief Creative Officer: Peter Ignazi Executive Creative Director: Craig McIntosh, Jaimes Zentil Producer: Sarah Moen Creative Director: Jacob Greer, Nicole Ellerton Copywriter: Jacob Greer Sr. Strategy Director: Geraldine Tixier Art Director: Nicole Ellerton Group Business Director: Asmait Hailu SVP, General Manager: Kathy McGuire Production House: Skin & Bones Animation & Online: Tantrum Studio Casting: Jigsaw Casting Offline Edit: Outsider Editorial Audio House: Pirate Toronto Client: nabs

Advertising is famous for its long hours and demanding workloads. It was time for a reality check for an industry pushing itself too hard. "This Job Can Break You"—made in recognition of World Mental Health Day on Oct. 10—features Crumbles the cracker, a foul mouthed mascot that delivers a long overdue message. Taking an employee's inner dialogue and putting it into song to deliver some real talk and hard truths about poor mental health in the advertising industry.