Break Bread Smash Stigma Soup

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Bensimon Byrne / Narrative / OneMethod

Company: Bensimon Byrne / Narrative / OneMethod Executive Creative Director: Joseph Bonnici, Dan Strasser Creative Director: Meredith Klapowich (Narrative), Laura Serra (Narrative) Associate Creative Director: David Mueller, Gints Bruveris Art Director: Carly Ouellette Agency Producer: Michelle Pilling Account Director: Jill Engleman Project Manager: Ashley Belfast Planner: Aurora Stewart De Peña Director of Social Media: Daniella Perruccio (OneMethod) Social Strategist: Courtney Dionne (OneMethod) Photographer: Matt Barnes (Westside Studios), Shawn Pinnock Videographer: Julian Peter Editor: Tim Pienta Audio Engineer: Bradley McClure Post-Production Company: Alter Ego Creative Technology Lead: Patrick Schroen Creative Technologist: Jamie Kaiser

Even in a country as progressive as Canada, 50% of Canadians wouldn’t eat a meal prepared by someone with HIV. To smash HIV stigma, we opened the world’s first HIV-positive eatery and named it “June’s” after Casey House founder, June Callwood.