Above All Odds

Over 30 Seconds - Single


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Company: FCB Canada Chief Creative Officers: Nancy Crimi-Lamanna, Jeff Hilts Creative Directors: Jeremiah McNama, Andrew MacPhee Art Director: Michael Morelli Copywriter: Marty Hoefkes VP, Managing Director - Account: Joumana Oweida Account Executive: Jennifer Gaidola Sobral Director of Integrated Production: Stef Fabich Project Director: Shandi Horovitch Chief Strategy Officer: Shelley Brown Production Company: Steam Films Executive Producer: Krista Marshall Line Producer: Erik Wilson Director: Kevin Foley Director of Photography: Adam Marsden Editing Company: Married to Giants Editor: Raj Ramounth Transfer Facility: Alter Ego Colourist: Wade Odum Online Facility: Alter Ego Music/Sound: Six Degrees Music Director: Dan McManus Engineer: Jared Kuemper Media Agency: Mindshare Clients: Air Canada, John Xydous, Andy Shibata, Air Canada

Winning Entry: vimeo.com/282553178/97ee2f7280

Invictus athletes have overcome their severe physical and mental injuries and progressed from diagnosis, through rehabilitation, to training, before competing as world-class athletes at the Invictus Games. This led to our creative idea: Above all odds. In film, our primary story featured Tom Martineau who served Canada for 18 years. Tom’s actual medical report served as our voice over to illustrate the incredible progress he had made to get to the Invictus Games.