Year: 2018
Category: Branded or Sponsored Content - Single
Title: Scream Choir

Okay, how do we explain this? We hired a real composer to bring the essence of Playland to life. How? We asked people to submit online auditions to join the world’s first scream choir, rehearsed for two weeks, then toured around Vancouver screaming classical songs. It’s amazing what you can do with a determined composer, a plan, and a bunch of screamers from the Internet.

Winning URL:

Company: Rethink Client: Playland Creative Director: Morgan Tierney, Ian Grais, Chris Staples Art Director: Dosh Osholowu Writer: Jordon Lawson Producer: Carla Olson, Sarah Vingoe Editor: Megan O'Connor, Leigh O'Neill Director of Photography: Jan Schuster Production Company: Mile End Media Ltd. Second Camera: John Hollands Sound Operator: Adam Johnson Account Manager: Steph Hurl

Winning Website:

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