Year: 2018
Category: Young Blood Advertising - Series
Title: Typefaces of the Fallen

The Typeface of the Fallen is a custom-crafted typeface created by using the faces of Canadians who have died from work-related accidents. Individual letters memorialized a deceased Canadian worker.

Company: GREY Canada Young Blood, Copywriter: Cory Hansen Young Blood, Art Director: Oskars Trinitis Chief Creative Officer: Helen Pak Executive Creative Director: Joel Arbez, James Ansley Associate Creative Director: Ryan McNeill, Ryan Lawrence Design Director: Genevieve Beharry Art Director: Oskars Trinitis VP, Director of Planning: Ian Westworth Planner: Adam Brain Client Service Director: Nicole Lupke Account Director: Leslie Cooper, Lindsay Mertiri Account Executive: Lindsay Proudfoot Producer: Terri Vegso, Adam Park, Sam Leirsch, Haley Stefan Photographer: Kristof Arasim Typographer: Patrick Griffin Young Blood: Cory Hansen

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