Year: 2017
Category: Experiential/Event - Single
Title: 1903: A Harley-Davidson Café

To appeal to a young, urban target that grew up in a fast paced, disposable world, we wanted to focus on Harley-Davidson’s heritage. We created 1903: A Harley-Davidson Café - 1903 being the year the company was founded. Archival photography adorned the walls. A classic, gold-leaf logo was applied to the windows. We developed ink made from the actual coffee the café serves, giving posters and cup stamps the texture and scent of real coffee.

Company: Harley-Davidson Ad Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh Executive Creative Director: Allen Oke Associate Creative Director: Noel Fenn, Andrew Caie Design Director: Ryan Booth Designer: Ryan Booth, Noel Fenn Art Director: Noel Fenn, Curtis Denomme Writer: Andrew Caie, George Ault, Joel Felker Studio Artist: Greg Heptinstall, Brandon Dyson, Ashleigh O'Brien, Andrew Martin, Amanda Braun Agency Producer: Kari Macknight Dearborn, Laura Dubcovsky, Pam Portsmouth Account Team: Kerry McKibbin, Maya Adler Chief Strategy Director: Heidi Philip Strategist: Jamie Cuthbertson Community Manager: Sam Kamiel Photographer: Michael Headford, Jason Baker, Goldmond Fong, Laura Friedmann, Patrick Nichols, Dan Lim Sound Designer: Ian Reynolds Client: Anoop Prakash, Jo Figueiredo, Karen Mayberry, Vesa Mikkola, Marco Di Giantomasso, Jayden Rioux, Catherine O'Brien, Daniel Kerr Media Agency: Jan Kelley Media Agency Planner: Stephanie Spinney PR Agency: Weber Shandwick PR Agency Team: Melissa Graham, Sophie Shin, Dana Frank Event Company: The Mint Agency Event Company Team: Andrew Gayle, Jennifer Langen, Jon Davine Interior Design: Adam Elijah Lead Fabricator: Humberto Garcia Coffee Ink Producer: Toronto Ink Company Printing Company: Flash Reproductions

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