Year: 2017
Category: Interactive Miscellaneous
Title: Smugglaroos

To get Canadians talking about Dunkaroos again, we showed them what it was like for people where Dunkaroos were discontinued—America. Ever since they were discontinued in 2012, Americans had been dying to get their hands on packs of Dunkaroos. So we created a website that matched Americans with Canadians visiting their city, and got those Canadians smuggling Dunkaroos over the border to people who wanted them.


Company: Cossette Chief Creative Officer: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno Art Director: Spencer Dingle Writer: Jordan Hamer Interactive Designer: Corey Way Developer: Dawid Kucinski UX Strategist: Ivana Grahovac Chief Strategy Officer: Jason Chaney Account Director: Aniesha Farrington Digital Project Manager: Julia Rajic VP, Client Leader: Wendy Morgado SVP, Director of Client Service: Janis Lindenbergs PR Agency: The Colony Project Client: General Mills Canada

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