Award Program: Interactive Media
Year: 2013
Category: Advergaming
Title: Transporter Trailer Game

Transporter The Series premiered on HBO Canada this spring. Online we created a truly interactive show trailer that puts the audience in the drivers seat.What begins as a common viewing experience on the HBO Canada website breaks out into a high-speed 3D driving game allowing the user to “Take Control” and play the role of the Transporter. Deliver the package before time runs out and unlock the rest of the trailer plus exclusive bonus clips.

Voice: 416-849-1041

Production Company: Secret Location, QVF Inc Executive Producer: Barbara Bailie Interactive Producer: Jennifer Lord, Sasha Boersma Executive Producer: James Milward Interactive Producer: CJ Hervey Photography: Pietro Gagliano Technical Director: Ryan Andal Art Direction: Raven Daly, Ashley Choi Development: Josh Manricks, Tony Pilger, Shawn Larkin

Winning Website:

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