Year: 2018
Category: Poster - Series
Title: Peelable Poster

People travel to see something new. So how do you get Ontarians to travel in their own province? We reinvented a classic tourism marketing tool, the travel poster. Called the ‘Peelable Poster’, we developed a custom printing process that created interactive posters made of many die-cut layers. Merging user-generated Instagram photos into new landscapes, layers could be peeled to reveal different destinations.Turning a static poster into a way for people to travel across Ontario.

Voice: 416-483-3600

FCB Canada Chief Creative Officer: Nancy Crimi-Lamanna, Jeff Hilts Writer: Zachary Richman Art Director: Sasha Ortega, Logan Franklin Account Director: Sarah Banks Account Executive: Dave Ashley Account Coordinator: Geoffrey Vandenberg Print Producer: Bruce Ellis Project Manager: Kinga Karadi Sr. Planner / Chief Strategy Officer: Shelley Brown Lead User Experience: Kristy Pleckaitis Digital Strategist: Shelagh Hartford Production Company: MI5 Strategist: Spencer Maceachern Client: Lisa LaVecchia, Debra Mansillo, Lydia Devereaux

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