Year: 2014
Category: Environmental/Signage - Series
Title: From Pencil to Pixel

We partnered with Monotype for the US debut of “Pencil to Pixel” in NYC. We created an experience that was decidedly New York but could be translated into a series from city to city. The exhibit created two distinct yet connected experiences of historical and modern typeface design. By building and designing an exhibit that was rooted in the celebration of type, we told a cohesive story of type’s critical role in shaping communication.


Lippincott Creative Direction: Rodney Abbot, Fabian Diaz Producer: Heather Stern Graphic Designer: Andrew Chiu, Jung Kwon Designer: Leonor Montes De Oca Animation: Chet Purtilar Production Company: Springworks Group Photography: Albert Vecerka Video Production: MagicWig

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