Year: 2017
Category: Menu - Series
Title: Ricarda's Menus

Ricarda’s is a restaurant & bakery located in downtown Toronto that pairs modern Mediterranean-inspired fare with charming hospitality. The design delivers vintage Mediterranean vibrancy. It is nostalgic and wistful, yet also comfortably familiar.A series of menus encapsulate the breadth of Ricarda’s offerings. Each is designed with whimsical quotes and nostalgic imagery, so that it stands alone distinctly, yet works as part of a cohesive series that appeals to the modern foodie.

Voice: 226-750-5332

Isabel Avery & Company Executive Creative Director: Amy Boehmer Creative Director: Jordan Gabriel Graphic Designer: Gardi Wong, Sarah Boergers Client Service Director: Caily McQuay VP, Director of Planning: Carrie Lepage

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