Year: 2017
Category: Typography Miscellaneous - Series
Title: Ciudad

Ciudad was born from an initiative to raise awareness for one of Mexico’s most ambitious environmental projects. Unable to find a typeface, we designed one, enlisting the help of type designer Georg Seifert (Berlin). Embracing the font’s architectural essence, we evolved it from 2D to sculpture to film. This journey made us realize that the project wasn’t about the font but about residing in the space of transformation that’s inherent in the cities we inhabit.

Voice: 416-927-7077

Blok Design Creative Director: Vanessa Eckstein, Marta Cutler Type Design: Georg Seifert, Vanessa Eckstein, Patricia Kleeberg Type Sculpture: Vanessa Eckstein Type Design: Kevin Boothe Type Sculpture: Vanessa Eckstein, Monica Herrera, Kevin Boothe Poster Design: Jaclyn Hudson, Monica Herrera, Kevin Boothe Film Creative Direction: Vanessa Eckstein, Marta Cutler Film Design: Vanessa Eckstein, Marta Cutler, Kevin Boothe Film Director: Fantavious Fritz Film Cinematographer: Kelly Jeffery Film Production Designer: Erika Lobko Film Art Director: Claire Cavanagh Film Production Company: OPC Film Executive Producers: Harland Weiss, Donovan Boden, Liz Dussault Film Producer: Isil Gilderdale, Jason Aita Type Production Company: Flash Reproductions

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