2021 Design and Student Awards Winners Galleries Now Online

Innovation and Honesty Through Adversity

July 29, 2021


toilet paper, COVID, best studio

Best Studio, THE MOST COVETED PAPER PRODUCT OF 2020, Promotional-Premium/Gift Item - Single, 2021 Design Awards winner. 

The 2021 Design and Student Awards Winners galleries are now online to fuel your inspiration. One thing you will notice while perusing both galleries is something 2021 Design Awards judge and Creative Director, Design at Rethink Jake Lim noticed, which is how “genuine” and “inspirational” the pieces made in response to the COVID-19 crisis feel.

Whether it is an ingenious package redesign or an elegant illustration of the internal struggles and isolation hidden within, it is clear that creatives from every facet of the industry and all experiences levels deeply felt the trauma and challenges of the COVID era. They responded with expressions of grief and fear, but also humour and love.

At Applied Arts we take great pride in being able to present the fruits of creative labour and to celebrate those who have worked through adversity to let their artistic endeavours shine. Be it work that propelled personal growth or emboldened a brand, work from an established design firm or from a high school student, you will find something to be inspired, and likely moved, by in our online galleries.

So take the time to get to know the next generation in our Student Gallery and see the impeccable and innovative problem solving in our Design Gallery.

As always we want to express our gratitude to our award sponsors VISTEK; our association partners CAPICGDC and RGD; and our print and paper partner Mi5 Print & Digital Communications for their support.