Community Awards Deadline is May 25

April 18, 2018

Community Awards Deadline is May 25

Justin Kowalczuk Design, "Tegler Youth Centre Mural." 


The call for entry for the second annual Applied Arts Community Awards is in full swing! The contest is open to freelancers and studios operating in Canada who are producing work for local audiences within their own town or province.


Interested to learn more? Our Community Awards FAQ can help you figure out if your work qualifies. 


We've lined up 10 top pros from all across Canada in all sizes of markets to judge this year's entries. The deadline is May 25 and you can enter here


Here, we've rounded up a few projects from the inaugural Community Awards in 2017 to get you thinking about what you might want to submit. 


The Details Design, "Theatre New Brunswick Season Posters."


Jason Beattie Photography, "Milsean Shoppe." 


Breakhouse, "Halifax Public Libraries - Identity." 


Ewan PhotoVideo, "Vellow."