Meet Our Judges: Lime Design Inc.’s Lara Minja

May 16, 2019

Meet Our Judges: Lime Design Inc.’s Lara Minja

Lara Minja of Lime Design Inc.

Lara Minja’s love of art, craft, learning, and storytelling has led her to the focused design of exhibition catalogues, scholarly books, magazines, educational materials, and postage stamps. Her work has been widely recognized, which she hopes is the result of making useful and meaningful pieces. She holds bachelor degrees in visual communication and fine arts from NSCAD in Halifax and a masters degree in communication and technology from the University of Alberta in Edmonton. When not at work, she enjoys hanging out with her family, active travel, house renovation, block printing, and sewing up a storm.

In the stamp series Love Your Pet: Responsible Pet Ownership, the goal was the promotion of smart pet ownership. Designed by Minja and illustrated by Genevieve Simms, these whimsical stamps bring a note of whimsy to the mundane and practical. Developed with the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, the colourful series reminded pet owners of the importance of spaying or neutering, regular visits to the veterinarian, proper nutrition, creating comfortable surroundings, and plenty of play, exercise and attention.

Canada Post, No. 2 Construction Battalion Stamp Program

The No. 2 Construction Battalion was formed from a group of young Black men who wanted to enlist in the Canadian military during the First World War but were not allowed to fight alongside white soldiers due to issues of prejudice at that time. Capturing the story of their primary role with the Forestry Corps was achieved by embedding an image of the soldiers within a forest.

Bruce Peel Special Collections, University of Alberta, A Contemplative Angler Exhibit Catalogue

The classic design of A Contemplative Angler sets a tone for its historical content, which includes examples of manuals and handbooks, limited editions, adventure guides, and scientific information. The exhibit catalogue playfully incorporates several angling references such as fish swimming on and off pages, fishing flies and hooks, and a colour palette in shades of sea-foam green.

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Thunderbirds/Ravens Exhibit Catalogue

Urban Thunderbirds/Ravens in a Material World is a collective show of four First Nations artists. Cultural change, Coast Salish mythology, urban consumerism, and personal narratives were some of the themes explored in their work and expanded upon in the catalogue.