Samsung Wants You to Meet the Workplace of the Future

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June 10, 2019

Samsung Wants You to Meet the Workplace of the Future

As modern office spaces evolve, technology is transforming the way we work.

Samsung Electronics Canada knows that it’s a requirement of modern businesses to offer digital solutions that provide employees with high-quality tools that encourage collaborative work and advance creative thinking. These solutions are especially important to companies who want to inspire new and existing talent. Positive workplace culture is a key component for businesses to keep in mind as they aim to retain a competitive edge when recruiting.

Incorporating innovative technology solutions is a dynamic way for businesses to provide an efficient, creative work environment employees appreciate and solutions that encourage workplace creativity– particularly important in creative lines of business.

"By embracing technology, your company will stay relevant and be more competitive,” advises Nicole Verkindt, founder and CEO, OMX Marketplace.

According to Verkindt, “A willingness to embrace new technologies demonstrates a commitment to fostering a good workplace culture, which in turn maintains strong talent.”

Case in point: today’s state-of-the-art digital displays are great for engaging teams and showcasing brilliant creative in the office. Using this state-of-the-art technology enhances workplace environments and conveys the general impression of a forward-thinking company that attracts great talent.

“Technology has revolutionized communication practices,” Verkindt said. “Having access to live data, seeing updates in real time, connect- ing teams who are working remotely – these are the positive results of incorporating innovative technology solutions into the workplace.” Now is the time for businesses to take charge of their offices with a dynamic, hands-on approach to the latest technology tools. These changes lead to greater employee satisfaction and will impress new and prospective clients.

The following are examples of products that seamlessly blend technology and state of the art visuals in the workplace:

Samsung Space Monitor  This display enhances work efficiencies by taking up to 40% less desk space when not in use – simply store it flat against the wall. Its sleek and elevated design boosts productivity by allowing employees to reclaim their workspace. Businesses can use it to create adaptive, open-concept work environments.

Samsung Video Wall Digital displays are useful for a variety of office spaces– meeting rooms, internal offices and even lobbies. They can make a great first impression for both new and prospective employees and/or clients. The Video Walls from Samsung deliver knockout visuals with non-glare panels and near-bezeless screens in multiple-screen configurations. This high-functioning display offers businesses a communications solution that is updated in real time, offering live updates and messages efficiently.

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Presented by: Samsung Electronics Canada